Bi Cupid Reviews

On our list, Bi Cupid is the best dating site for bisexual, bi-curious singles and bi couples who are from developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Bi Cupid Reviews

Bi Cupid Overview

Bi Cupid is a dating site devoted to bi-sexual and bi-curious guys and girls. So, if you share the same interests then no matter whether you are looking for just making friends, have fun with no strings attached or you are looking for serious and committed relationship, Bi Cupid is for you. The first look of the site may not seem quite attractive to you, but the features and facilities it provides to its members are what make people stay and enjoy out there. Registration is free and it will take only few minutes to make your profile. Provide some personal information and a valid email address to start. There are lot of features and provisions for free members also.

Who's It For?

A dating site to help people with mixed sexual preferences find and meet people with similar interests. In fact, Bi Cupid welcomes all including guys and girls who are curious about a different relationship and those who are actually looking for a partner for sexual relationship. The site is specially designed for couples, singles and groups. With more than 10,000 members, the site has the number continuously increasing.

Bi Cupid was one of the first dating sites especially created for bisexuals and bi-curious people when started in 2001. It is right now the largest dating site on web that specifically works in the interest of this gender-fluid community. As a free member you can check other members profile and interact through emails and messages. If you are serious and wish to get the most of the site, get your membership verified.

How Less Scammers?

Bi Cupid is strictly moderated which keeps its pool of members as safe as possible. The profiles here are manually screened and photos verified which eliminates the chances of scammers. All the members here are real and majority of them active. The video chat feature enables you to find out who the person is on the other side. With thousands of potential and verified matches, you would certainly find someone matching your bi-curious needs who is actually what he or she is saying is. Nowadays, finding an online dating site free of scammers is extremely difficult. BiCupid works on this and ensures that there is no scamming activity going on the site.

Safe and Secure?

Bi Cupid is a safe, ad-free and legitimate friendly website. It has a blog and a magazine which would help you learn more and more about the bisexual community and its interesting features. You will find lots of dating tips and success stories on the blog. The forum allows you to interact with other people, realize their views and get any of your problem resolved. As a free member also, you can make use of many features as long as you are true to yourself and make a detailed profile matching your personality. You can still find a good date without even being a paid member. Your personal information shared is safe on the site because they never share anything with any third party.

Easy-to-use Mobile Site & Apps

iPhone and Android phone users do not need to stay pinned down in front of their computers while using the site or making their profile. You can access the mobile ready site and use the app as well for further convenience. With a free membership you can not just create your profile, but also upload up to 26 photos. You can reply to any message or email, use the search engine to look for matching profile and potential perfect matches. With the help of the app you can have your deepest desires come to life whenever you want and from anywhere you are. #

Feature List

  • Personal Profile
  • Bisexual Date Ideas
  • Who's Visited My Profile
  • Bisexual Videos
  • Bisexual Forums
  • Online Bisexual Chat
  • First Bisexual Experience
  • Photo Uploads
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Largest Bisexual Blogs


Options Monthly Price
Free Membership FREE
1 Month Membership $29.95
3 Months Membership $19.95
6 Months Membership $15.95


Seeing the trend and popularity of the site, it seems that Bi Cupid will have around 1,000,000 members signed up by the end of this year. With its useful features and useful tips in reality, the site seems to dominate the bisexual date finding game. Since the site is safe and provides the list of only real members, you can stay assured that anyone whom you are interacting exists in reality. So, with emotions involved there is no need to worry about any heart-breaking moment as far as the site is concerned. The site is safe and reliable for those who are looking for some fun, casual date or serious relationship.

More About Bi Cupid Reviews

Is Bi Cupid reliable?

Bi Cupid is safe, reliable, ad-free and LGBT friendly site. There is a forum for the members to access and get their queries answered. They communicate with each other freely here along with helping others as well as seeking advice from one another. There is a bisexual counsellor whom members have the access to contact and seek help. With 24/7 helpline as well as email support desk, any of your query will get answered in almost no time. The Gold members have access to “daily bisexual news” and articles along with tips and advices from exports as well as experienced people.

Can Bi Cupid eliminate loneliness?

For bisexuals and bi-curious guys and girls who are looking for someone with similar interests and for companionship in reality, Bi Cupid is meant for them. With thousands of members joining and existing almost 1,000,000 members, you are never going to feel lonely. Thousands of active members can be found anytime youare online and so finding few who you would like to interact with, would be pretty easy no matter what time of the day or night you are online. It is the site for those who are looking for serious relationship in reality as well as for those who wish to eliminate the pressure of serious relationship.

Can Bi Cupid get me into long relationship?

Finding a partner for serious and long relationship requires some time and lot of energy. With so many members on Bi Cupid you can find the one with whom you are really interested. With time and some meaningful interactions, it is quite possible you enter into a long and serious relationship. There are many success stories out there reading which you would get an idea how people entered into long relationship. For you, it is a lot on your part and as soon as you will find a partner, you will definitely know that he or she is just for you. Just follow your heart and live your dream life.

Is BiCupid for flirting?

BiCupid is designed for all kinds of people with varieties of interests and intentions. It is up to you what you want and how you wish to use the features of the site and app. If you are only interested in flirting or having fun, it is good to mention that in your profile so that you do not have to waste time or hurt anyone just to fulfil your desire. Meet flirty personals and find a dating partner. Joining the site is free and so, you can have all kinds of fun at the best dating site for bisexual people.

Is Bi Cupid worth my time?

Yes, Bi Cupid is specifically designed for bisexual singles, couples and groups. If you find yourself of the same community and wish to date with someone with similar interest, the site is definitely worth your time. Go through the success stories available on the site and see on your own how many people have fulfilled their desires and are happy these days after joining Even as a free member you have plenty of features to access. Spend some time on the site and once you will find your way you will have improved chances of finding a date or two.

Is Bi Cupid legitimate? How can I use it?

With so many bisexual dating sites it is quite obvious to be sceptical about BiCupid also. However, the site is around 7 years old and has millions of members. The forum, access to counsellor and many more exclusive features prove that the site is legitimate and completely safe for anyone who is of similar interest. You have recent news and treatment service too being offered at the site. The 24/7 customer service support and the forum offer help on personal as well as friendlier level. By paying for Gold Membership you will be able to access more features and get additional benefits.

Is Bi Cupid really free?

Yes, Bi Cupid is free to join. Unlike other dating sites, this site does not only allow you to make a profile and upload only few photos. You can make a detailed profile sharing your interests and upload up to 26 photos. You can keep changing the photos as and when you wish to. As a free member it is advisable to create a wonderful profile matching with your personality and still find a good date without becoming a paid member. If anyone interested in you sends you a message, you can reply and enter into the conversation which might get you your date.

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